A note about copyright

Copyright in an original literary work (such as a poem) in Australia is usually owned by the author of that work. Copyright now lasts for the life of the author of that work plus seventy years, unless the work is published posthumously, in which case it

lasts for 70 years after publication. Special rules apply to work published by authors who died before 1955.  

Many of the poems on this website are still in copyright. Where practical I have sought the permission of the copyright holders to republish their works. However the poets featured on this site are deceased, many of them have very common surnames, their literary executors (if appointed) are untraced, and almost all the publishers of these poems have either closed down or been taken over many years ago. For that reason it has not been possible to contact all the copyright holders and get their permission to republish their work.

If you own or manage the copyright to a poem that is published here, please contact this site and we will either acknowledge your copyright or, if you require, remove the poem.

You should feel free to download the articles and commentaries that appear in this site for private study.  Please make appropriate acknowledgement if content on this site forms the basis for something you write.

If you wish to republish all or any part of this site on the web or in print, please contact us for permission.