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Dan W, from Chapel Hill writes:

What a jarring end to In a Chain Store I was thinking 
it was meandering to a mundane conclusion and then he blows it up. 
Maybe a bit cliched as a technique, but very effective. And what do 
people think he was saying?

Chris B, from Singapore writes:

I enjoyed the feature about Victor Kennedy especially the way he contrasts the soaking rain of the tropics with the uninspiring rain of the south. Being a Victorian by birth, now living in Singapore, I could really relate.

Nic from Florida says:

Bush Buncombe, by Arthur Wade  is a poem begging for begging to be dismembered. Thanks for an hour of fun.

Lachlan from Brisbane says:

I liked Bush Buncombe so much I have copied it and sent it to my team members with the title "take care when using your dictionary".

Jess writes about North Queensland Lullaby:

I am the great grand daughter of Lucille M. Quinlan. Thank you for publishing her poem on your site. This poem was written for my grandfather John Quinlan. It was lovely to see your nice comments.



Margo S  writes, about Paul Grano


I was very happy to see that Paul Grano has not been forgotten. I was a little child when he and my father were acquainted, and although I do not remember his poetry, I do remember a small verse of his that graced the cover of one of his books below a drawing of a mean looking cat -


"This cat looks out at you and grins

As if he knew your secret sins

And if he does, by all that's low,

He's not a cat that's nice to know"


Please forgive errors in punctuation, it has been a long time since I learned this little verse! (Editor's comment: this verse is from the cover of Poet's Holiday (1941))