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Stable, J.J., and Kirwood, A.E.M., (eds) A Book of Queensland Verse, Brisbane, The Queensland Book Depot, 1924.

This is the first anthology of Queensland verse. It features some 49 writers, of whom 30 had been published in book form. ItProf JJ Stable, 1920s is especially useful for its selection of those early writers, such as Charles Chubb, whose work is now difficult to obtain, and for its selection of poems (many of unknown authorship) from the periodicals of the 1880s and 1890s. Contains a useful introduction to Queensland poets and a brief biography of those poets whose details were known. Stable and Kirwood were both lecturers in English at the University of Queensland.

James Kellow, Lit Critic, Rugby coach, bottom left    Kellow, H.A. Queensland Poets, London, George G. Harrap, 1930.

           Kellow, who was the headmaster at Rockhampton Grammar school   produced a thorough and detailed analysis of all the Queensland poetry published in book form until  1930. Contains helpful biographical details and quotes extensively from the poets. Cecil  Hadgraft said that Kellow ‘had the temptation to exaggerate the importance’ of the minor poets he examined, but  it is clear that many of his subjects would have been lost to us for ever without the benefit of this book.


Miller, E.M. and Macartney, F. Australian Literature A Bibliography to 1938, extended to 1950,  Sydney, Angus and Robertson, 1950.

The most comprehensive survey of  Australian literature in the period covered by this website. In addition to bibliographical details, contains some biographical particulars and insightful criticism of the major authors.

Hornibrook, J.H. Bibliography of Queensland Verse with Biographical Notes, Brisbane, A.H. Tucker (Government Printer),James Hornibrook as a young man1953.

This is an excellent guide to all the verse published in book form by Queensland poets in the period up to 1949, and according to the editor, ‘the major items’ between 1949 and 1952. The biographical summaries are helpful for determining when the poets lived in Queensland.

Byrnes, R.S., and Vallis, V. (eds), The Queensland Centenary Anthology, London, Longman, Green and Co Ltd, 1959.

R.S. Byrnes, long time president of the Queensland Authors and Artists Association,  and Val Vallis, University of Queensland lecturer and an under rated poet, produced a thoroughly representative selection of all the major creative writing by Queensland authors in the period up to 1959, with brief biographical notes on contributors. If you buy one book only on early Queensland poetry, buy this one.

Hadgraft, C., Queensland and its Writers, Brisbane, The University of Queensland Press, 1959.

Hadgraft produced a brief (120 page) survey of poetry, fiction and criticism published by Queensland writers in the period up to the centenary of Queensland statehood in 1959. Contains a very helpful analysis of poetry by theme.

Freer, M. (ed), Square Poets, Brisbane 71, Brisbane, Baskerville Printing and Publishing Co. Pty Ltd, 1971.

In 1971, the Fellowship of Australian Writers, (Queensland Section), organized an open air poetry reading at King George Square, Brisbane to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its predecessor, the Queensland Authors and Artists’ Association. Maureen Freer, a distinguished poet and businesswoman, edited this compilation of work in conjunction with that event. It features poems by the pre-war generation such as James Devaney,  post war poets such as John Blight, and poets who were just establishing themselves, like Philip Neilsen and Graeme Curtis.

McCart, G. (ed), Recent Queensland Poetry, Deception Bay, Refulgence Publishers, 1975.

Contains two of James Devaney’s later poems, and poems by David Rowbotham, John Manifold, Judith Wright, Bill Scott, John Blight and Martin Haley from the pre-1959 generation. Also contains a good selection of the poets who came to prominence in the 60s and 70s.

O’Donoghue, B. (ed), Place and Perspective, Contemporary Queensland Poetry, Brisbane, The Jacaranda Press, 1984.

As its title suggests, this volume emphasizes poets who came to prominence after 1970. However, there is a selection of late poems by John Manifold, some poems by Thomas Shapcott and Bruce Dawe, and 3 poems by the former Queensland Attorney General, Matt Foley.

Neilsen, P. and Horton, H., 50 years of Queensland Poetry, Rockhampton, Central Queensland University Press, 1998.

This anthology includes poetry published in the 50 years after 1945. Contains a good selection of works by C.B. Christesen, John Blight, Judith Wright, John Manifold, Val Vallis, Nancy Cato, Gwen Harwood, David Rowbotham and Oodgeroo, as well as the most complete selection of the work of Queensland poets who flourished after 1959. 

Buckridge, P, and McKay, B, (eds) By the Book, A Literary History of Queensland, St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 2007.
Patrick Buckridge
The only comprehensive history of Queensland Literature, with contributions on South East Queensland, Central, Western and Northern Queensland, as well as essays, on Aboriginal Literature, Children’s Literature, and Travel Writing. The first book to buy for anyone interested in the subject.

William Hatherell Hatherell, W, The Third Metropolis, Imagining Brisbane through Art and Literature, St Lucia, University of Queensland Press, 2007.

In many ways a companion piece to Buckridge and McKay’s History. This book is the story of those who sought to imagine Brisbane in Art and Literature, but is also itself an imagining. Exhaustively researched, well written and on occasions quite funny.

Mellick, J.S.D., Writers Footprints, A Queensland Literary companion. North Melbourne, Australian Scholarly Publishing,JSD (Stan) Mellick 2010.

Brisbane academic J.S.D. (Stan) Mellick's latest book is a detailed record of references to Queensland cities, towns and places in literature. This book is saved from being a mere catalogue by the engaging style in which it is written, the critical analysis it contains, and the author's sense of humour. Also contains an illuminating article by Maureen Freer, on Queensland Poets of the 1920s and 30s.