Rub! Dub! R-R-Rub-Dub-Dub

Year: 1915

by Thomas G Rabbetts   

The great recruiting march, Warwick to Brisbane, has begun.

Rub! Dub! R-r-rub-dub-dub!
Rub! Dub! R-r-rub-dub-dub!
March! March! 'Tis the Empire's drum!
Come! Come! It is calling "Come!"

Hark the sound of distant music on the silver moon-light air;
'Tis the Empire's heart a-beating, beating, beating everywhere.
We can hear it in the noontide when the sun is at its height
Just as clearly – just as nearly – as we hear it in the night.
They have heard it in the township, they have heard it in the plain,
And the distant hills reverberate its melody again!

March! March! 'Tis the Empire's heart!
Left! Left! Let us do our part!

Far away in dusty Warwick loyal hearts are beating fast,
As they watch a line of embryonic heroes marching past.
There is not a man in Queensland but can hear their kettledrum
With its "Rat-tat! Rat-tat! Rub-a-dub! Come, boys, come!
Have YOU not heard it brother! Is there nought that you can do?
Are you going to let another spend his life protecting you?

March! March! Our cause can't fail!
Left! Left! May right prevail!

As they march along to Brisbane, see the line extending out,
As recruits fall in at Allora and places round about;
What has brought these men from stations and selections and from farms?
'Tis the call of Mother England! See her stretching forth her arms!
Keep your eyes wide open, brother! see afar the brutal Huns!
Will you leave it to the braver men to man the Empire's guns?

March! March! Our cause is just!
Left! Left! in God we trust.

Was there ever more inspiring aim or truer, nobler cause?
You may search the page of history in vain for juster wars.
These men recognise the peril that the Empire's passing through,
And their souls are great to nerve them to the best that man may do.
Will YOU ignore the beating of your own heart, calling "Come!"-
That heart which beats in sympathy with Britain's splendid drum,

March! March! On God and right depend!
Left! Left! We shall conquer in the end!
Rub! Dub! R-r-rub-dub-dub!
Rub! Dub! R-r-rub-dub-dub!

                                         Thomas G Rabbetts (1915)

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