Year: 1915?

by Thomas G Rabbets   

The embargo on the use of the hose to water gardens and flowers has been lifted by the Water Board. At Tuesday's meeting it was decided to withdraw all inspectors. We hear with grief of the sad case of a ratepayer who rose at 3.30 on Wednesday morning, watered his garden quietly, and then, reading the Courier, discovered his caution entirely unnecessary. No wonder he said "Damitall!"

The dawn was breaking clear and calm
As, in response to the alarm,
Poor father roused himself from bed
And as he pulled his clothes on said,

He roused the children with a roar
Which sent them frightened to the floor,
For they must help him water plants
Nor stay to brace their daily pants-

An early skeeter nipped his nose
As fumbling felt he for the hose;
For water from the main could be
But taken surreptitiously –

Sons Bill and Jim watched on the fence
Both fore and aft, for evidence
Of an inspector's prying eyes,
To guard against a swift surprise-

He watered slowly, and a mist
The garden's browning glories kissed;
So, if inspectors hove in view,
He could assert 'twas heavy dew-

And sneaking round his property
Just like a thief, he silently
Shed "stolen" water on each blade-
For which he had already "paid"

He came the "Courier"; and so
He called the boys in; stopped the flow;
And read the paper, just to see
The latest Caucus lunacy-

And there he read, at early dawn,
That all inspectors were withdrawn!
And he had toiled on in the dark
We sympathise with his remark-

                                      Thomas G Rabbets  (1917)