Old times in Brisbane

Year: 1848

                  To Nemo


Oh well and merry passed the time

When we were three years younger,

When lightsome jest and sportive rhyme

Wak'd mirth that lives no longer:

When laughing eyes, and spirit light,

Defied the touch of sorrow,—

And each enjoyed the passing night,

Nor cared about the morrow.


Alas ! where now the jovial band

That oft till daylight tarried ?

Some wand'ring in a distant land,

And some—poor souls—are married:

While each, as times grow daily worse,

Gives way to melancholy,

And, gazing on his empty purse,

Regrets his former folly.


And this must always be the lot

The world to rashness measures,

When future cares are all forgot

In sharing present pleasures:

Then what the moral taught us here,—

That bottle-friends are hollow,—

And man should use the current year,

With thought for those to follow.


FREDERICK. North Brisbane, 30th September, 1848.

                                                  Moreton Bay Courier  14 October 1848, p4