Moreton Bay

Year: 1850


Her richest treasures with a lavish hand,

I'll tell thee of a spot where Nature sheds

Where, bright and soft, her Verdant mantle spreads

'Neath pleasant bowers, by softest breezes fann'd.


There, among graceful shrubs of varied green,

Tranquil and bright, the sunny waters glide,

And Flora's gems in glowing tints are seen,

Clinging in wreaths of beauty o'er the tide.


Beautiful river ! such a course as thine

Through ever-verdant scenes to wind along

Might well inspire far abler pens than mine

To pay the homage of a poet's song.


And on thy banks how sweet to those who roam

Each shady nook, where pleasantly combine

The modest comforts of the English home

With the rich products of a sunny clime.


Then grieve not, wanderers, for the land afar

That Island home, and dear ones far away,

But praise His name who led ye where ye are,

And He Will bless the homes of Moreton Bay.


                          'M.A,' North Brisbane. Moreton Bay Courier 11 May 1850, p3.