Windsor Castle Barracks

Year: 1885

1ST MARCH, 1885.

Dedicated to Lord H—n (Minister for War).

THE Third Battalion Grenadiers
File through their barrack gate, 
Mid natural flush of parting tears, 
With usual step elate:
Their wives and children, ere that sound 
In distance melts away, 
Are hustled out—to "change their ground"— 

On pennies twelve per day. 

"Your men are gone on Nubia's sands 
Our batlle-flag to bear; 
Their trouble lies in other lands, 
Your woes they cannot share. 
Clear out from here! Your rooms vacate! 
Lodge where and how you may; 
Hungry or homeless, set your fate 
At pennies twelve per day. 
Your little ones we won't forget; 
Oh, no! for pennies three 
Each child of Mars may daily get 
From Britain's Treasur-ee; 
A railway pass is yours to where 
Your fancy points her wings:
(Your bodies only we can bear, 
We don't convey your things)."

So—when those war-worn Grenadiers
Come back to Albion's shore- 
Glory descends in British cheers! 
Can heroes hope for more? 
Yet minutes lengthen till they see 
" The girls they left behind;" 
A searching trouble next will be 
Their whereabouts to find.

Economy ! oh, worthy lord, 
To lofty pitch you've raised; 
Pay nothing that you can't afford, 
Keep valour well appraised. 
While double sixty thousand notes 
A brace of pictures buys, 
Extravagance collects the votes 
Consistency denies. 

S. METFORD. South Toolburra, 18th April, 1885.

(The Queenslander 25 Aprill 1885)

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