The True Memorial

Year: 1923


by E. Maurice Little   
What mean these monuments of bronze and stone
That in our midst like sentinels are set?
What mean these words I read with solemn tone?
Methinks a vow is made- “Lest we forget!”
But lately on a hundred fields we saw
Our sons to wondrous heights of valour rise;
They seemed stern hardship but the price of war,
And every bayonet-thrust a patriot’s prize.
And they their lives thus rendered to the State;
In noble tribute to their country’s worth;
But vain the tall memorial and ornate’
Till men in honour serve their land of birth.
One recompense alone to those who fell
Can we who hold the land in trust yet make,
And that – the dark disrupting force to quell,
And raise the nation’s standard for their sake.
E. Maurice Little (1923)