First things First

Year: 1936

by Martin Haley   

In China these things happened long ago:
The patient of a doctor died, and so
Conceiving he had been unskilfully
Treated, his kinsmen seized good Doctor See.
Intending to inflict due punishment,
They tied him to a post the night and went
Within their homes, and soon were fast asleep.
The doctor's fingers plied each knotted heap
That bound him to the stake, and getting free,
He made away as nimble as could be.
Swimming a flooded river swift and wide,
He safely hid about the countryside;
Then found his son at length (on reaching home)
In study of some therapeautic tome.
Quoth he: "My son, be not so much in haste
Over mere books.  Your zeal may run to waste.
A doctor must not pine in studies dim:
The most important thing is, Learn to Swim."

                                                     Martin Haley