About this Site

This site is designed to give an ordinary reader an introduction to the work of poets who flourished in Queensland in the 100 year period after separation from New South Wales in 1859.

You probably found this article under the heading 'About'. Under the same heading, you will find an article that guides you to further reading (in hard copy) about Queensland poetry.

However, if you are new to Old Qld Poetry, you can read the article headed 'Intro to Qld Poetry' under the heading 'History', or maybe look at the timeline that appears under the same heading.

If you want to explore the themes that Queensland Poets have written about, go to the heading 'Articles' on the main menu. Over the next little while, we will be adding articles on how Queensland poets dealt with topics such as engagement with aboriginal groups, national identity, the impact of war, and the natural environment.

But the real stars of this site are the poets and their poems. Click on the 'Poets' section on the main menu. There you will have access to the stories of a few of the 250 or so poets who flourished in Queensland in that period, and to some of their poems. Their stories are illustrated by photographs and drawings many of which have come from the State Library of Queensland's fantastic Picture Queensland  website.

Happy reading. 

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