My Children

Year: 1986

by Gwen Belson-Taylor   

How I have loved you
You will never know,
My loved ones drifting in an alien world,
Through sun and days bereft, with rain drops pearled,
Who children were so little time ago.

You knocked upon a hopeful door ajar;
An empty house with quiet, untrodden floor
You made to sing.
A star you brought to light the little ways
Of waiting days.
I carried you who other worlds had held
And all the years, illumined, hastened by.
You were the earth, the blueness in the sky,
The sunrise and the sunset on the hill,
The murmuring trees unfelled.

You were my life,
Star-radiance near and far…..

And can you know not,
In the afterglow
Of lengthening years, of tears,
I love you still?

                  Gwen Belson-Taylor (published 1986)