The Boomerang

Year: (1909)

by Eva Mary O'Doherty   

An Australian Love Song

By Fate's strong hand I am hurled away
To the distance, blue and dim,
From the love and light of thy face to-day
To the far horizon's rim.
I go, I go, since it must be so
('Twas thus he softly sang) –
I go, my dear, but, oh, never fear,
I'll come back like the boomerang!
Come back to you, still sure and true –
As true as the boomerang!

I go from the soft, bright southern skies,
I go from the summer day
That faints in sweet, voluptuous sighs,
In perfume and light away;
I go, I go, to the ice and snow,
Where the cruel north winds clang;
But I'll come back, on the homeward track, -
Come back like the boomerang!
Yes, seek you feet, as true and fleet –
As true as the boomerang!

I listed the bell-bird piping clear
In the heart of the fragrant shade,
Where you and I, in those days so dear,
Together have fondly strayed.
"Oh, my love and dear!" thus, so sweet and clear,
His notes through the forest rang,
"Though you part to-day, yet he'll cleave his way,
Back, back like the boomerang!
Yes, he'll come to you, as sure and true –
As true as the boomerang!"

                                 Eva Mary O'Doherty (published 1909)

*The boomerang is an Australian Aboriginal weapon. When flung by a skilful hand it is sure to return to the spot from whence it was sent.